Maximize your Medicare
Reimbursement & Compliance

Maximize your Medicare Reimbursement & Compliance

Learn more about how Pivotal Consulting Services is helping nursing homes raise their Medicare reimbursement by up to 10%!


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Our innovative services enable nursing homes to maximize their Medicare reimbursement and ensure compliance through clinical documentation review and implementation.

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Our revolutionary process, developed and executed by PDPM experts, is designed to enhance PDPM outcomes and support your MDS and clinical team. We meticulously comb through referrals and facility documentation of admitting Medicare residents to capture all diagnoses, codes and clinical information. We then record all this information on a custom template and submit it to your nursing home team to implement. Finally, we review facility documentation, and follow up with your inhouse MDS to confirm that all recommendations were implemented, ensuring maximum reimbursement and compliance.

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Our average turnaround time is within 1 business day.

Education & Training

Pivotal clinicians receive continuous training in PDPM changes and updates.

Absolute Compliance

With your referrals combed through for all codes, diagnoses, and documentation, you can be sure that you are fully in compliance with Medicare regulations.

Hear It From Our Customers

We are extremely happy with the job Pivotal has done for us. Maximizing reimbursement is critical in our industry, and Pivotal gives us the confidence that we are doing everything we can to achieve our reimbursement potential. Pivotal has a great team that is very easy to work with. I would recommend Pivotal to any company looking to maximize Medicare reimbursement.
R.A. Nursing Home Owner, IL
Pivotal Consulting Services has been a valuable asset to our company. We work in collaboration to make sure that we have accurate diagnosis for the continuation of resident care and to maximize reimbursement. The team is very knowledgeable and their reviews are timely. They are a resource that helps us make a difference in how we direct our care to our residents.
P.A. MDS Coordinator, PA
The Pivotal team is very experienced and knowledgeable. They respond with the templates in a timely manner. Friendly staff, professional and very helpful. They quickly feel like part of your team. I highly recommend Pivotal Consulting Services.
M.B. MDS Coordinator, NJ

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